Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Why I live

I was late...again. Just the normal almost-everyday thing where I oversleep. If there were an Olympics race for who could sleep the most, the longest..I'd win. I swear I would. So here I am rushing again, late for work, AGAIN and now having my "P-Ramlee" bath.. (for those who don't know it's one where you only wet yrself with less than 5 drops of water, if not less) and brush my teeth. All the while cursing..everything! My tardiness, my job, my life, the toothpaste, the water heater etc..etc.. Everything!

Rushing down the stairs I kiss my two sons who were getting ready for school and dash for the door. Bad Mom! Not even time to have a proper breakfast with my sons! Bad!Bad! Promise to make up later with chocs, toys, a swimming outing, game boys, Sony Playstations, Zoo trip etc. Typical of the average working mom, going through the everyday Guilt Trip.

As I reverse out from the garage, I hear a childs voice yelling. "Mama!Mama! Wait!" I stop and wind down the windows. There he was, my eldesr naked (haiya!!) having rushed out of the bathroom and says with a big grin. "I WUV YOU OK???" I tell him I love him too. Then it came..a warm tingly feeling that spread all over my angry still sleepy soul. It was the "Mama, I yuv you". The dreadful morning and the jam on the MRR2 was suddenly so beautiful and blessed.
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It made it worth every goddamn thing I go through.



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