Friday, April 29, 2005

My Daddy's Story

When I was younger, I always questioned my parents on why I was darker than my other siblings complaining and sometimes thinking that I was an anak angkat although my resemblance to my dad is so similar that it's not funny. I was never really given an answer though until several years later, when my dad finally answered my question in one of his emails to me while I was at uni.

It went something like this..


The night before you were born, your mom and I stayed up playing scrabble. In the middle of the game, she started her contraction pains so i rushed her to the hospital. She was in labour for quite a while so in the morning I decided to go to work.

Unfortunately, when you were born later that afternoon, I was not there to greet you into this world. Instead, your Pak Tam was there. (Pak Tam is my Mak Tam's husband and is quite hiTAM!) Actually, I was told that when you first came out into this world, you were fair.. but when you saw Pak Tam, you must have liked him so much that you decided to change colours and become like him..a bit hitam! I know..its my fault. If I were there it would not have happened.

Then, when we took you home, you were down with jaundice. Mama left me with the responsibility of "sun-bathing" you in the garden in the attempt to cure the jaundice. SOmehow I got carried away the things that I was doing and left you for a long-long time in the garden until you got burnt and became a bit MORE hitam. fault.

So you see D, it is MY fault that you are darker than your siblings but please have no more doubt that you are definitely our daughter.

....*and the mail goes on and on to tell me to study and trying to korek on my latest love life which really deserves another blog altogether*



Don't really know what triggered this mail and the story (guilt perhaps???)but it is one that I just love and will remember all my life. Its probably closure of some sort for me??

At least finally my question was answered. And I guess I can live with my Dad's excuses! I love him anyways!
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my dad who made me hitam


Blogger SC said...

wahhh...macam ku kenal rupa abah mu itu...tapi di mana ya?

8:04 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

kenal ke????

1:01 AM  
Blogger SC said...

kirimkan salaam pada cikgu discourse and pragmatics saya tu.
i was a big fan of his old old old paper about consonant clusters.

1:40 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

sc: consonant clusters??? sounds like something he'd write/speak about. attended one of his lectures once. came out with migraine..

4:21 AM  

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