Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Prick! Prick! Prick! BIG TIME-ROYAL-P A I N I N T H E B U T T- PRICK!

That's all I had screaming in my head since the time I met him. Oh yes, a prick he was indeed!

What's this all about? Oh..just a person I met recently at an event I was helping someone out with. Mr P (of course P=PRICK) was a celebrity of sorts whom was to take a major part in the event that day. So, like all events, we had a rehearsal where Mr P and his co-partner were to attend. Mr P being the ROYAL pain he is..in true Malaysian fashion decided to come late (rehearsals were to start at 10am) for the rehearsals and had a team of VVIPS waiting for HIM for the rehearsals to begin. And Mr P didn't even bother to call or apologise. After called by the event Host (some Mr VIP), Mr P said he'll be just a few minutes..which turned into an hour..which turned into a no show on his part. Very "professional" indeed.

The night of the event came and this is where I upgrade him to HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS P. He turns up just half an hour before the function (when everybody else was there at least an hour and a half before) and when he was introduced to me, he shook my hand without even looking at me. He then started to complain on just about everything AND everything and that everybody BUT him does not know what they are doing and decides to change things. Not only that, he complains to all the guests at the table that the event was badly run IN FRONT of me. Tak berhati perut and tak de rasa guilty langsung manusia ni and tak sedar diri! And how outrageously RUDE! If he had issues with the event managers or the organisers, he could have brought it up privately, but he had to bitch at his table in front of the guests whom I don't think he even knew. I mean..he has NO RIGHT to complain when he didn;t attend the rehearsals and was not there to discuss the proceedings etc..etc.. Who is he anyway to say such things?? Just because he is a celebrity and well known?? well kiss MY A**!

And hey, I could have just answered him there and then while he was busy bitching away, just to point out to the lovely datos and datins at the table that HE NEVER turned up for rehearsals where everything was discussed and formalised and therefore should just shut his big fat mouth up, but that would have just made him look bad..and what more, that's his periuk nasi. I wasn;t going to stoop THAT low to his standards anyway. So I just kept my head up and smiled..As far as I was concerned, everything was going swell (the event that is) and my conscience was clear. (am convinced I have a halo on top of my head now and will go to heaven for being so..so sabar! :) )

At the end of the night, the event was a MAJOR, I repeat MAJOR success and everybody who came loved it. And I was happy..what The Prick did, didn't affect me the least bit, because I am sure, people could see through him..all talk ONLY. I have to say though, I was really honestly disappointed with his attitude. I have read and heard so many great things about him and one of the reasons why I agreed to help with that event was to meet him and the lady who would be his partner for the night. I HAD a lot of admiration for him before, but at the first word we exchanged, all that was just lost! In fact, I was almost embarassed for him. For he probably lives in a dream world where, (he thinks) everybody puts him high on a pedestal and that nothing he says or does shall harm him and that's sad. Maybe that's true - for now..but at the rate he is going, he won;t be around for long! He really isn't being honest to himself or to the people whom are paying him (a lot!) for his services. The least he could've done is be professional..attend the rehearsals on time, discuss things that he does not agree with and work together with the rest of his team like his partner did. Now SHE was the perfect embodiment of a professional and I shall always have great-great respect for her after this.

As for the Prick. All I have to say is this..

What goes round comes around.

Your time will come - you just watch out!


Blogger SC said...

i'd hurl some of my street french at him if i were you.

11:34 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

remind me to bring u along the next time! only thing is...as long as I can help it, there won't be a next time!

6:36 PM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

waah, didn't know that u can marah sakan like this. okay, i'll join in sc to hurl my whatever to him.

9:48 PM  
Blogger Awang Goneng said...

Steady on girl, what's with you?

Even in hospitals they don't say it anymore. Remember the nurse coming to you, with a needle, saying: "It's only a little prick?"

Don't say that. Say jab...

6:35 AM  
Blogger De'Kapai said...

wooo woooo, anyway thanks for the BIG Help!!!! I had fun although THE PRICK gave us tough time, we gain more respect than him. It was his lost not us.... a pat on your back for job well done!!! More event in future? Promise u that he wont be there!!! Anyway, we were the main part - THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR!!!!!!MUaaah muaah for KRIS DAYANTI!!!!

7:26 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

Mr A Goneng,
Ok lah..JAB it is then. But that's what happens when I get angry and that happens every once in 30 years?

De Kapai,

12:18 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

oh, btw, who is this pri..err jab?

12:56 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

the name won't appear on this blog. But it's not someone you don't know!

4:30 PM  

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