Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bring it On

It’s Friday. Pressure day. Somehow my deadlines always fall on Fridays, but working under pressure is my forte, so, la-di-da.. Bring it on!

Am totally looking forward to the weekend. Simply because we have nothing planned. Nothing to do…just laze about and go with the flow. I have a lot of reading to catch up on, especially on the internet regarding issues on Nasri. It’s great that the center whose program I work on run live webinars every Wednesday, and have them published on the internet. Good stuff…but I’m lagging like 5 webinars late. Gotta catch up, but I also wanna catch up on Command and Conquer! How la? Priorities, priorities..

I managed to get another volunteer for Nasri’s program, which means adding another 6 hours to his playroom time. Whoooopeeee! It’s hard to find people who would want to come over and play with him, especially since dealing with special children is not easy and some people find it “scary” I guess, venturing into the “unknown”. But really, once you learn to love them for who they are – you do get hooked! (Anyone interested???)

Nasar has been doing great too. Despite entering his new school a year late, he came up as top scorer for his Arabic exams which really blew me off my seat. I’m glad he’s taking things well and more importantly loving going to school everyday. Kembang buns mak dia. Alhamdulillah.

And the mama? Mengembang dengan pesatnya! 4 months to go. I'll be equivalent to 3 cempedak ranum by then! Normally, I'd be really stressed about this, but in my true "gasak" attitude, I'll say "Bring it On!"


Blogger Kak Teh said...

yeah, bring it on!! love that attitude. If I am not confined to my bed, under the duvet, and MAS expensive fares not withstanding, i;d have flown home and volunteer. But i hear - one arrived yesterday? Well she is very capable - that I know.

2:33 AM  
Anonymous elisa said...

salams kak. if you dont mind, can i have your email. there's something id like to ask personally.tq.

6:54 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

kt: Haha...that's be nice for you ro come and volunteer. But I think I'll need a tukang urut to be on standby for you - Nasri is a force to be reckoned with..kena minum red bull banyak2 kalau nak main dgn dia. U have noticed that his current volunteers are under 20 yrs old kan? hehe.

elisa: sure. email me at

7:51 PM  

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