Monday, June 16, 2008

Lame Ol Quickie

As lame as it sounds - So much to do, so little time! And thus, this very-the-very neglected blog Kasihan dia! Let's try a quickie and see whether this works.

With a negotiated three day working week - I thought I'd finally have time to breathe a little and plan life better. Never did I think that life would turn haywire and topsy turvy. It's almost a year now with this new working arrangement..and hey, I still am scrambling about trying to get things done. Juggling office work (three day working week actually means three day working week in the office, and the other two at home! boohoo) and juggling all the things I promised myself and my kenit-menit Nasri I'd achieve for him.

I don't want to complain much, because yes - we have managed a lot, Nasri and I. He is stringing 2 words now (when he is in a good mood!) and at most other times he says a lot of things, parts of words, word-sounding-words etc, etc. Believe it or not, he is also the best behaved boy in one of his classes. Hip, hip, hooray! Mommy shouldn't take all the credit - I have had lots of help from kind people who come to the house to play with Nasri (mental note: Must blog about them and the world of volunteers), I have kind bosses who graciously gave me this three day week without complaining so far and whom I know have tried VERY hard not to disrupt my working schedule although it doesn't work all the time - nothing is perfect, yes? A supportive household and family that tolerate my moodswings which actually means, the days when I don't say a word and shut myself up in my room to lose myself in the Travel Channel. I have blessings to count, that's for sure.

As a family, we're ok. Living life day by day the way we think best. N, according to people is keeping me company, prospering horizontally. Nasar is now our little family ustaz, after we enrolled him into a new Islamic school this year; which is actually great. We have him saying the azan at prayer time, and he tells us always - "the most important thing is to pray", great innit? Funnily enough though, whenever he says this it reminds me of MC HAmmer's "Pray" - Remember? "We got to pray just to make it today..!" Oh man, this mommy has got to get her act straight! Nasri - he's charming us with his antiques, but hey, he scares us too sometimes. Like most children on the autistic spectrum, the only thing that's predictable, is the unpredictability of how he can get. Patience is key. And love too. And energy. Thank God the surprises are more charming than scary these days. (mental note: more on that some other time)

I have lots on my plate and to add on to that, I have a little surprise swelling in my belly. Well, not really a surprise..considering Nasar has already named him/her : Ben, if it's a boy and Poppy, if it's a girl! So I guess I will be a water-retentioned, leaking-bladdered pengapit very, very soon after all!! I am too excited for my friend, that I'll worry about what to wear later - I'm sure they sell nice, cream coloured tents for pregnant old me somewhere!

I'll be back - well, at least, I'll try!


Blogger Kak Teh said...

If you are interested, I hire out tents. It has one size - big! Can be shortened of course for the vertically challenged, not that I am insinuating anything.
Comes in bright colours and special discounts for relatives.

Fitting not necessary. Can pay in cash or kind - kind as in six return tickets home, cash as in the equivalent. Times are hard. If you have not heard it already, I sedekah the amount of 300 swiss francs to some fast fingers in Geneva.

Sorry we missed you/you missed us - Tick whichever applicable.

1:28 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

Hehe..Thank you. Got labuci or not your tent? or at least lace trimmings? I was told to wear cream (cream on a pregnant woman! hehe) so no bright colours please.

Yes, heard about the pick pocket! So kesian...but also heard u had a great time from maksu and paksu! holidays are too short kan?

7:06 PM  

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