Friday, June 03, 2005

Intan Payung Permata Hati

My baby N last night said a new word, "Nak Susu". I know that's nothing to shout about for a three year old. Others his age are probably capable of telling stories and speaking multi-languages by now. Not my baby (due to a development delay which I shall not elaborate on, as I have already) , but that's okay.

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my baby N

When he said those two words, I felt like rushing off to do a sujud syukur. To thank the Almighty for this precious gift. Unfortunately, it's the time of the month and that wasn't possible, so I said a silent prayer, kissed my baby a million times and said "good job!" to him so many times, that in the end he looked puzzled!

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when they were younger

Although Baby N's vocabulary is something like 15 words and the rest babbles and mystery sounds, he is an affectionate and expressive boy. Despite his shortcomings in speech, his brother, my N Junior seems to understand him well. Baby N only needs to squeak or babble some strange words to the brother and N Junior will come to me to say "Mama, adik wants some milk" or "Mama, adik says he wants to watch Barney", "Mama, adik says he wants a Game Boy and a Power Rangers VCD" (yeah right, nice try!) or whatever else. I used to think that N Junior was making things up and was using his brother as an excuse to getting things that he wanted. I used to tease N Junior and say "are you sure adik said ALL that??" and he'd innocently say "Yes, he told me just now!" . Funnily enough, Baby N seems to be happy with all the responses to his brother's requests to us. Could it be possible, that N Junior understands him?

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N Junior as a baby

My eldest, N Junior is a very friendly child, very sociable and very much a "people" person. I sometimes wonder whether he is ever disappointed by the fact that his brother can't speak to him and have brotherly chats (on whatever children their age talk about!). I asked him once and my instincts were right. He is a bit disappointed but always, in the true manner of a big brother says "it's ok mama, nanti Dr C will teach adik" referring to Baby N's speech therapist.

I would consider getting pregnant and have another baby so that perhaps N Junior will have a sibling to talk to and so that perhaps, that will push Baby N to want to talk. You think that would work? Or would it work the other way around?


Despite all this, I am glad that N Junior is strong and very patient with his brother. I have such great support from my eldest. He is always so forgiving of his brother and is always there to teach and coach his sibling tirelessly. He even helps out with Baby Ns home therapy, that I now proudly call him my little co-therapist!

I have to say, that motherhood has got to be the most fulfilling thing that I have ever done and although my boys are far from perfect, I am a very proud mom. (I know..I know..which mother isn't proud of her children!) I am embracing everyday with hope (for Baby N) and end each day full of gratitude that God has given me my babies.

It's so much fun watching the boys grow, that I sometimes stop and wish they'd just stop growing for fear they will someday not want to be smothered with my kisses and someday stop wanting to hear the bedtime stories I have for them. I know now why people say they'd kill or die for their children because, I would.

In the car yesterday, N Junior said, "Mama, adik wants me to sing my song" (and that's ALL RISE by BLUE), so we turned on the CD and he went singing away. Baby N laughed all throughout the brother's rendition of the song. I wondered, "How does N Junior do it? Does he really understand his little brother?". I guess I have a lot to learn from my son. Perhaps God sent Baby N to us to show us how strong N Junior is, and in turn bring out the strengths in our own selves. He's so special. They both are.

These boys are my world.

And what a beautiful world it is.


Blogger Kak Teh said...

aaaah! ni yang nak cubit ni! Anyway, they are precious no matter what! he will get there in no time and soon you will be saying, when is he going to stop talking??

5:45 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

kakteh: this mom won't be doing that! instead I'll tell him not to stop, there's so much catching up to do!

you cubit them, I cubit you back!

5:48 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

waaahhh, waaaah, waaaah....macam tengok portfolio bakal menantu ni...ehehe..*hint hint*

mana la tau kita berbesan ye dak che anedra, ada dua nak pilih plak tu *wink*

6:41 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

che nazrah: elok sangat cadangan che nazrah tu. kalau kita berbesan bagus..tak sia-sia kita berblog siang malam! tapi anak saya yang dua orang ni, suka berebut, che nazrah tolong le beranak lagi satu perempuan. selesai masalah. senang gitu.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

ish ish cek anedra dan cek nazrah, kalau lah jadi kenduri, kenalah oteh dia balik pulaaak. jauh pulak tu. Tapi nak warning dulu, kalau dengan anak cik nazrah tu, hantaran dia bukannya mudah: empat botol Cif, Lima kotak detergent apa-apa brand, sepuluh botol spray pewangi rumah dan berus berbagai saiz.

8:03 AM  
Blogger narfnarf said...

alaaaaaaa hensemnyeeerrr!!! macho. makes me want to go out and beli lightsaber walmart untuk dua-dua. kita sama geng...coz I like All Rise by Blue too...(SSHHHH jangan cakap kat org! habis reputation i nanti, suka kat boyband pulak).

Aik? kak intan and kak anedra bermatch-making kat sini?

10:37 AM  
Blogger MassyLassy said...

Iskh! Bagus jugak cadangan semua ni? Match-making in the blog! Anedra! Your boys are sooo handsome! Anugerah Tuhan! How lucky you are! Syukur Alhamdulillah! They are always there to brigten up your days!!! Kalau macam ginik, kena pressure husband ni!!!! Bang! Nak anak pompuan!!!! Iskh! Bole order-order gituk kan?? Tak senonoh you!!! Anyway! Those pictures are beautiful!!!!

2:58 PM  
Blogger atenah said...

Alhamdulillah, your sons are beautiful. have you done any reading on MAKATON, Applied Verbal Behavior or PECS? You can just google these.

5:49 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

kakteh: Rasanya, kalau tak silap..mop pun kena bagi jugak!

narfnarf : errr..kalau nak beli light saber tu, teruskan. I tak kisah! haha!

N Junior will just love you if u like Blue!

Massy Lassy: Yeah..go work on it girl!!!

Atenah : Thanks!! I have already looked up all three and have ordered some reading/training materials to do at home. Have also discussed this with his therapist, we are starting some of the PECS stuff which is actually similar to the current training she has started him on but ada adjust lah sana sini. I have yet to find a MAKATON center here in KL tho. Insya-Allah soon. :)

7:23 PM  
Blogger atiza said...

amboi..amboi..amboi...handsome2 anak hang nooo..

kalau jadik le che nazrah dan che anedra nih nak berbesan, che atiza boleh jadik wedding planner gitu..hehehe..dapat business buat bunga telurk pun kira okay...

1:19 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

ewah ewah, che anedra dengan otehnya dah siap bincang isi dulang hantaran nya...macam perli saja...

kalau aishah ni, tak minat mop atau detergent, dia la tukang buat kotor paling handal.sbb tu la kita banyak mop

usul untuk tambah lagi satu prospective menantu for che anedra sedang dlm usaha kaedah cuba jaya...ahahaha

8:30 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

anedra, i was introduced to your blog by Kak Teh (whoelse). this is my fave topic. on motherhood. coincidentally, i just penned my latest blog on motherhood ( your kids are so beautifutl!

10:46 AM  
Blogger narfnarf said...

dear nasar,

aunty ayu (argh!!! i dah jadi aunty!)would be happy to send a saber to you. i was very impressed with your letter writing. please forward your address to aunty, and what colour would you prefer, green and blue for good jedi or red for dark jedi? :o)

aunty ayu

11:33 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

che atiza: kalau nak jadi wedding planner, memang on lahh! discount tu bagi bagus-bagus sikit ya? kira kawan-kawan punya pasal!

nazrah : oooh, kalau Aishah macam tu, memang padan lah dengan anak saya! depa pun nombor satu dalam bab sepah-menyepah ni!

terima kasih kerana mempertimbangkan cadangan saya untuk mendapat menantu perempuan seorang lagi. Saya doakan selalu!

ely: will visit you soon!

aunty ayu: Haiyaa!! Just joking lah! yes, nasar typed that note, but ehemm..obviously the mom was behind all that!! Thanks sooo soo much for yr thoughtfulness though!! :)

6:20 PM  
Blogger torts said...

See so much of N and you in the boys. Flip - N, flip - A, flip...
They are beautiful!
p.s. I pun nak anto candidate calon menantu, boleh?

7:44 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

torts: thank you thank you!

9:50 PM  
Blogger shidah said...

handsome anak you... boleh buat menantu?

10:48 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

shidah: U pun nak jugak? dah ramai queue ni! hehe! Macam ni lah.. Do you have a son? Nanti bila anak perempuan I keluar (but dont know when.) she's yours lah. Senang macam tu. At least dah macam kenal besan kan? :)

2:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Stay tough kay about baby N. There are people out there who experience even worse than what you have now.I have an "Autism" cousin, who couldn't speak a proper word at all even at the age of 5. Realising that, his parents who are only SPM leavers never give up with their son and even send him to special school. It may cost them a lot, especially they have other 5 children, but they never leave aside my special cousin. And now he can speak (even though he might repeat the same sentence continuosly) and he has a very strong and sharp memory, even better than the normal people. Now we are helping him in simple calculation


4:03 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

aske': thanks dear! Baby N is slowly working his way through. Insya-Allh he will be ok. We can only usahakan and doa for now! :)

4:13 AM  
Blogger Ms.B said...

Your boys are GOHHHGEOUS, dahhling!! Will potentially break many a fluttering heart, in years to come, ni!!

But more importantly, to me - is their "air muka". They look so happy. And THAT's what matters. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Product of your hard labour as a wonderful mom. :)

5:48 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

blabs: thanks! yes, they are happy boys and they can be sweet (when they're not monsters messing up the place!). See why I want to just freeze-frame them so they don;t grow up?

7:19 PM  

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