Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Cerita Baju Tidur Malam Pertama


This is not an 18sx posting errr..depending on what 18sx is to you, that is..

Before I got married, during my early twenties, my girlfriends and I used to flip girlie magazines and catalogues, looking at lingerie…and decide what we would like to wear, what we would not be caught dead in and what we would wear if we had Cindy Crawford-like bodies etc..etc... As a consensus, most of us were not into stuff which had suspicious looking holes at the oddest but most practical and convenient err, ehem..place, nor were we into fluff balls, bulu-bulu, feathers, leather, whips-attached stuff etc.. We liked the Victoria Station eh..Victoria Secret look, the satin-lacey kinds for the sexy, “come and get me” look or the simple cotton stuff for comfy lets-just- snuggle-up occasions.

When I finally decided to get married, nearing the wedding day, a friend and I went out for lingerie shopping. My then future husband and I had planned a three in one day wedding to fit my ever so busy husband’s schedule (nikah+my reception+his reception all in one day) ending with our first night with a stay over at the place where his reception was held at. So, taking my wise ol friend’s advise, I had to (as in must buy or else die) buy some lingerie, so as to not disappoint my future hubby. Apparently, every man likes it and apparently, it is only the right thing to do and apparently, the first time and first impression really counts, so I had to have my strategies in place, in so far as lingerie is concerned!

We ended up buying 2 sets of pretty stuff. One, a two-piece baby blue all-lace number and the other a white one-piece baby doll-like cotton thing with tiny pink roses which I loved. My wedding day came and after the end of my reception we somehow found time to open a few of the more important presents from my pals.. My darling ever so thoughtful girlfriends and some guy friends had ever so graciously wrapped up some pretty lingerie in the packages that they left for me, with..saucy notes and first-timer tips to add! In the end, on top of the two sets that I had bought, I received two sets of Sporty Spice like sexy stuff and one very nice *I like* skimpy lacy black ensemble which was unfortunately one size too small…haiyaa!

I then packed myself for the next reception and the first night. I decided I would wear the white baby doll thing cos it was soooo me and kind of symbolic since it was white and thus looked “pure?”. I searched high and low for it, only to find that someone had thrown it on the roof of the house! Thanks to my Kak Nisa who was directly responsible for throwing it on the roof from what I was told! Apparently, throwing nice white lingerie with tiny pink roses stops rain from falling! It must’ve worked though, cos it didn’t rain that day! At that point, I was already such a beaming deliriously happy bride that it didn’t matter ! So, instead, I packed my baby blue lacy thing, and the Sporty Spice stuff (for back-up) and off I went.

What was supposed to happen, well, did not happen as it should have. Our three-in-one day wedding left us so exhausted, that at the end of the day, all I saw was the bed, couldn't wait to crash and all I can remember was waking up some time in the middle of the night for a glass of water. I was not, at that time, wearing my sexy baby blue lace thingy as planned (but I was wearing something not sexy at all but can't remember what), and neither was I feeling the least bit of a sexy siren! And from the snores coming from beside me (terkejut kejap, like "who's that?") my husband wasn't up for anything "exciting" either!

So much for strategies and plans huh?

I did discover though, eventually, sometime between that glass of water and dawn, that lace and fancy stuff do not work on ALL men unlike what these girlie magazines and my girlfriends say. Some men, like it and some, as I have discovered…don’t even notice you’re wearing em.. but will love you anyway.

Now, 5++ years after that fateful day, I still entertain ideas of dressing up some nights, and hope it will somehow, some day be noticed and appreciated. Maybe next time I should add a lil jig before it all, maybe then, he might notice.



Blogger ailin...in aalborg said...

Can't even remember what I wore on that first night. Though I did have a collection.

Ayu's sister

6:08 AM  
Anonymous nour said...

wow wee that's a brave disclosure honey! I actually gave my best colleague a baby doll too from VS;)

The next day she just gave me a wide grin!

ok back to work! see ya!

6:36 AM  
Blogger hana_kirana said...

whoahhh whoaahhh i shud not read this post lah!

*alamak berdosa nye aku* :P

Nevermind. Lets pretend i didnt read it.

Hmmm, Puan Anedla... How to give yu the empitli? email, ken? bai de wei, my email is hana_kirana [at] yahoo dot com. I'm not a towkey yet laa... Bisnes sikit-sikit sajaa... Belum muleh panggil towkey...

7:17 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

Ailin- in the end, it really doesn't matter does it? what matters is..we HAD a collection! agaknya. hehehe!

It's a pleasure to "meet" Ayu's sister...I've been to yr blog too and seen yr garden/plants and all but didn't leave comment cos am a bit shy. (ye ke?) You've got a great lil sis and i'm supposed to belanja her makan someday!

Nour: I don't mind u giving me something from VS either! *winks* just joking! Mine dulu, sebab masa tu takde duit, tak mampu lah beli VS. tengok catalogue tu mampulah!

Hana kirana- too bad, u read it already! I tried my best to keep it as PG as possible as opposed to 18sx. Not too bad right? wokeh, towkey bisnis "kicik-kicik", nanti saya hantar sulat elektonik sama towkey aaah...

8:45 AM  
Blogger MassyLassy said...

Sexynyer entry hari ini! Memanglah! Kalau first night kan mestinya nak special... Nak tinggalkan kenangan manis buat selama-lamanya lah katakan??!!!! For me pulak, purple lacy babydoll thingy... Transparent lagi you dgn the bulu-bulu.. Hee! Hee! Malu kita!!! 8-p

9:00 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

Massy! :pheeeeweeeet! Got bulu somemore!?? Wow! I cud never carry that off! I respect u lah!Hope he liked it! ;p

9:14 AM  
Blogger narfnarf said...

Hahahahaha!!! I read this blog by peeking through fingers. Didn't wanna accidently read anything not for kanak2 raibena like me! :o)

Then again, *evil gleam in eye* I'm not that innocent. Muahaha!

Kak anedra...I'm home next weeeek!!! Whoopeeee!!! I'll definitely give you a holler when I'm down in KL.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


oppssss.....what a sexy entry today. I have to admit that I love flipping through VS magazines when I was studying in US, especially when the VS store is only about 15 minutes walking distance from my house.My first nightie, a two-piece red wine silk with black lace, which I bought from the salary I earned working at Subway. Wore it on the first night, felt shy wearing it and end up asking my hubby to switch off the light straight away....Malunya masa tu.....:-)


6:11 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

Eh letaklah gambar. you know they say, picture says thousands of words and more? Put lah put lah!

an entry about malam pertama ye? Wowee... mine kan, what baju? what tidur? what malam? pertama? who's counting? hehehe

*exaggerate of course*

8:18 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

kanak-kanak ribena: see..no need to read thru fingers lah! big sis like me knows u will come bacha. pornographic content dah tapis dah! how do u intend to call me? Pakai ESP ke??

Aske': wooooohooooo! silk red and black lace. You must've looked good enuff to eat. Mestilah dia tak nak tutup lampu!
(kanak-kanak ribena jangan tanya kenapa)

OOD: Gambar with me in the baju or just the baju?? Cos the first option, will be pornographic type-GUARANTEED!

waaaah...u tak tidor satu malam eh?? woweeeeeee! *winkiewinks*

(yang ni pun kanak-kanak ribena jangan tanya apa-apa k?)

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


correction... it wasnt me who thrown your newly sexy-mexy lingerie on the roof, it was pak ajie...but i was the one taking it from your room, sorryyyyyy....i didnt know it was for your baju tidur malam pertama.....someone was suggesting panties and that was the closest i could get....sorry again.
But some how, dont worry, whatever u wear during first nite does not matter....kan, kan, kan, tak nampak pun atau tak sempat tengok, he, he, he!!!!

kak nisa

8:32 PM  
Blogger narfnarf said...

Ala..nanti once i dah sampai Penang...dah makan my nasi kandaq, roti canai, teh ais, dan selebihnya...I'll go and get myself a DiGi prepaid and then can start collecting phone numbers. :o)

8:47 PM  
Anonymous atn said...

hey! you forgot the whip? HA HA HA, kan i kata you temptress...

9:01 PM  
Blogger De'Kapai said...

Well, kalau i tak salah sebulan lepas tu pun tak hujan... wow your undies which is still on the roof reaaaaallllly sooo powerfulll.

Boleh jadi bomoh hujan.

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Nour said...

heh anedra, boleh boleh. When's your anniversary or b-day? Now VS having great sale! Check out the price, babe! Links in mycottonbed blog heheh;)

10:23 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

kaknisa: aaaaah..so this is the kerja of u and your partner in crime! husband and wife collaboration eh?? nasib baik mood I bagus, lepas tu got back-up outfit, kalau dak..spoil!! but yeah..in the end, it doesn't matter lah! it just makes the cake look nicer to eat! hehe! ;)

kanak-kanak ribena: wokeh! done deal!

atenah: me and whips tak jalan lah.. donno how to pakai. u mau ajar ka? boleh? part temptress tu, I guess I am one deep inside! ;p
*go blog abt whips now tenah!*

dekapai: ooooo..rupanya yr work lah ni? It must've been part of yr wedding planner scope eh?? kompang+ makan+aturcara majlis+curi lingerie. was that what mom specified?? YOU DID A GREAT JOB ANYWAYS! YOU AND WIFEY AND CREW..

Eh..it's still on the roof ke???

10:47 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

nour! eh..I joke-joke only! But I'm gonna checkout those links anyway and have fun daydreaming abt me (with Angelina Jolie-like body) wearing some VS!!

10:54 PM  
Anonymous nefertiti said...

does seluar dalam with lots of holes (koyak lah, apa lagi) count for a sexy lingerie? peekaboo jugak pe...

12:49 AM  
Blogger faux diamante said...

My first one was a baby blue satin and lace number. u r right about some ppl not noticing the get up,even with the complimentary jig. just to get him to notice, i use 'em as everyday wear on feel good days, for myself.so the collection keeps growing. berbaloi sikit. if not they'll just end up on the floor from the get go.tak sempat melawa pun.

12:57 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

nefertiti: for a quickie, maybe. cos it'll so, so help!

nazrah: i think engineers (some) are too straight to the point lah. last last the floor jugaklah yang merasa the silky-satiny feel of our ensembles.. but I sokong u, if they don't appreciate it, wear em anyway..for your own feel good day. Cos if we don't make ourselves feel like VS models, who will eh?

1:19 AM  
Blogger shidah said...

love the art of 'peeling' ;) so pakai tebal2 pun tak pe.... heheheh

4:02 AM  
Blogger drbubbles said...

terbaca posting dengan secara tidak sengaja....oppssss...
cepat cepat keluar sebab ini posting tak sesuai untuk saya.heheh...


8:16 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

err, I didn't know you need anything ti wear pun....ooh, but then again, I might have forgotten. Dah lama pun

9:04 AM  
Blogger ailin...in aalborg said...

wow wow wOW! Banyaknye interested parti! Mencari inspirasi? I punya collection VS dah outdated, and getting bored with it. But you know what my dh's fav piece is? A COTTON/POLYESTER light blue strapless pair of jammies bought in TESCO!!! On sale from £12 to £8. By the way, VS is from Denmark, but apparently is more popular in US. Can't figure it out? But I guess, knowing European standards, sexy is the last thing they try to be!

9:34 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

mammal, still not too late with them lingeries! should i also share the secret that i still wear them nice teddies at times? hehehehe

4:42 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

shidah: naughty..naughty. but not too tebal lah kan..afterward, peel-peel still tak habis lagi, penat pulak!

iskandar: ya lah tu..nak cepat-cepat keluar pon sempat comment! exposure honey..exposure. this is the real thing! heheh!

kakteh: bukan ke every night is a first night?

ailin: wowee..strapless tu! haven't seen any of those here! and u have a VS collection? bestnya! didn't know that VS was frm Denmark, but yes lah..somehow the Yankees always seem to play the Sexy" look better!

ely:yay!! You're back!! it's definitely not too late..kalau dia tak notice pun lantak lah kan?

6:18 PM  
Blogger Ely said...

mammal, chance of him noticing...good luck with that! maybe wait one week of 'nothingness' then he will perasan hahahaha.

7:35 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

ely: awak budak yang sangat naughty tetapi mungkin saya akan cuba kaedah itu! ;p

7:37 PM  
Blogger Ms.B said...

Hahaha!! So cute this post!! Brings back lotsa memories!!

I don't think anyone can beat me and hubs though.

On our first night, we stayed up the WHOLE night with our best man, lepaking in the bridal suite ... and yakking!!

Sex was the LAST thing on our minds, because we had just completed the akad & bersanding that evening, and had a reception the next day.

Our *ehem* "romping gymnastics" began a few days later @ Avillion in PD. Those WERE the days. ;D

Aren't I shameful? *laughs*

8:41 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

What is it about SOME men! Pakai all lace and roses they dont notice, then tempek bedak sejuk and wear baju kelawar, they notice (in a disapproval way)!

Anedra hon, i must borrow your gorilla suit. Maybe the whip will work better with it..

oh BTW, forgetful me didnt bring hp to work today. Tomorrow possible, but must plan BAIKK punya. Will email u.

8:54 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

blabs: nyibuk je lah yr bestman tu. I bet if he weren't there, u'd have started yr "gymnastics" that night, regardless of reception next day. Betul tak?? kan? kan?

Tell me about it..those were the days!

OOD babes: tomorrow I'll bring gorilla outfit and we do fitting for you. the legs may be a wee bit too long for u. Apart from whips, you may wanna dangle from some rope frm yr chandeliers.. It's good side effect, adds to the excitement. There's a dance too. Want me to teach?

we're set for tomorrow. now must balik awal, go buy new baju n shoes, do manicure, pedicure, set rambut etc..haiya..all bcos wanna see the queen! see ya!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous ariel said...

hehehe been following your blog for sometime.. we know each other from dat place in johor.. get what i mean ;-) .... bumped into each other somewhere near kfc klcc the other day ...
anyway.. you are rite about the subject matter.. hehehe sometimes the newlyweds are sooo-oo tired after the whole shebang.. by the time u went to bed, it might have been baju kelawar or track bottom& tshirt hhehehe

11:14 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

ariel: i think i know who u r. not too long ago I was jogging right behind u at the klcc park but was too semput already to call u!

niways, pasal newlyweds ni, I think u know best. it's prob fresh in yr memory since u r quite one. that is if ariel is who i think u are!

for me..baju kelawar is banned frm the bedroom. apparently, a turn off!

(yes OOD, they notice what turns them off..anything else doesn't matter!)

11:26 PM  
Blogger AuntyN said...

Wah sexy post recieve so many sexy comments no?

I do remember my baju tido for the first night too tapi tak beli lacey or sexy pun sebab rasanya lepas tu dah naik segan nak pakai.

Btw, yg tak hujan sebulan lepas tu sbb tak take down the nite gown kut sbb, sepaptutnya kena ambik turun dan buang kat sungai lepas tu, kalau tidak hujan tu kena block lah. Yg I tau orang buat dgn bantal bukan nite gown, first time dengaq ni.

2:53 AM  
Blogger narfnarf said...

OK...I came back to read the comments...and this is all waaaaaaaay too much information. Heh. :P

ps My second sister did the throwing underwear on the roof thing. I remember coming home one day and wondering what the hell that white piece of cloth was doing. Wanted to jolok with my butterfly net and take it down tapi my mum kata jangaaaaaaaan. Heheh. It didn't rain, Alhamdulillah.

3:54 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

AuntyN: apparently our family pawang kata pakai undies..proven, power!!

kanakkanakribena: hepppp!!!

4:23 AM  
Anonymous ariel said...

hehehe... jogging at klcc?must have been weeks since ive done dat..next time give me a shout hehehe..then we'll huff & puff together..anyway, i think you got the rite person.. you bumped into me when you were coming back fr the convention ctr..

glad to say dat my own first nite garb was a red multilayered babydoll thingy... :-) .. complete with a bow ... i like...

7:38 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

ariel: do you know, yr running style hasn't changed a bit! just by looking at u run from the back I knew it was YOU! :)

pheeewiiiiit! merah layered tu lingerie dia!! You go babe!!

4:14 AM  
Blogger ailin...in aalborg said...

narfy: Oh, is THAT why it didn't rain on that day? I remember that was all she was worried about...rain on that day. Even called TNB to make sure that the electricity power would not be cut! Nanti I tanya dia, sape punya seluar dalam dia campak, and sape yang campak seluar dalam tu!

p.s. Thank GOD I got married during the summer.

2:45 AM  
Blogger applepurple said...

heeeheee~ actually saje2 mo review kot2 ada yg jual baju tidur online, sebab melayankan mata yg takmo tdo.

tetiba ley ter enter this blog.. *wink* *wink*

satu realiti yg patut diketahui yer kak anedra..? hihi *blushing*

btw, thanks for stating all the reality..

9:57 AM  

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