Thursday, August 11, 2005

The One About the Haze and the Bosses

Like everyone else, I’m cursing the haze and the government for not declaring darurat already. I suppose we’re waiting for someone to pengsan and die on the streets of KL due to inhaling over polluted air..and then, declare darurat. By then, we’d have miles of people queuing up at clinics and hospitals suffering from jerebu-itis. And that is in addition to those, who are injured from road accidents and such. Pak Lah, (I know you read my blog) – declare darurat already pleaselah!!

Before long, at the rate this is going, those walking on the streets of KL, will be knocking each other head on and finding their noses hitting the ground like skittles as we won’t be able to see face to face due to this haze, as we are already creeping into the API of 500. Well, that’s what a wise friend of mine says, and she, is always right.

Talking about people who are always right, I was told 8 years ago when I joined the workforce, that the Boss, is always right. Always. Regardless of how wrong he or she is. No matter what. The Boss is always right. Which is, ladies and gentlemen, if you do not already know, is rule numero uno at work.

I’ve always been rather skeptical of this though. The person who created the rule that “The Boss is Always Right” must’ve either not gone to school or was working for himself, by himself, because it only applies, if that is the situation. So, perhaps because I was always a "non-believer" of the rule, that explains why I am where I am now. A successful coolie-kang.

But I suppose I have to change. A paradigm shift is called for. After 8 years of being in the workforce, I am now forced to revise my view on this issue, if that is, I want to get anywhere with my career. When the Boss says, “Jump”, you say “How high?” and then jump..even if you can’t and even if it means jumping off a cliff. When the Boss says, “Just Do It”, do not open mouth and say “But…..”, you, just do it. Why? Because it is so, and because Boss is always right. When Boss asks “ Do you have good news for me?”, always say “yes” even though you don’t have any good news. If you have a great smile and some acting skills, saying this should be no problemo. Trust me.

At work, I am one who has a string of bosses. I have my immediate boss, and two other not so immediate bosses and also report to Big Boss. Since, as mentioned, I do not plan to be a coolie-kang forever, I have decided to observe my bosses and peers around me and see what it takes to be a boss and be at the top. Apparently, “The Boss is Right” principle, is a major factor followed by “The Art of Fanning” which orang Melayu call “Kipas” and the art of “Kissing *ss” are useful and proven successful, which shall be elaborated on at a later date if deemed fit.

So when Big Boss says, “We have to achieve whatever-whatever”, my bosses do not say “But this-thateven if it’s not achievable, but instead say “Ok, we shall look into it” and turn to me and say “Do it..” to which I am supposed to smile very nicely, and say “Your wish is my command”, because, “Boss is Always Right”. Eh?

I have also learnt that when Bosses throw tantrums and start throwing things all over the place and/or at you, you must "maintain" and look as though nothing happened AND say thank you. Like what happened two days ago. A meeting of ours did not go as planned. Objectives were not achieved, everybody was stressed and so was Boss. So Boss decided to prove a point and started throwing pens, contracts across the table, one object missing my face by a mere few inches (which I skillfully avoided, thank you. It was not aimed at me by the way.). I would’ve joined in the throwing match, but apparently only Bosses are allowed to do that and so I just sat and watched. After which, we were asked to leave; the meeting I mean, not the organization..(phew!).

Up to that day, I always believed that, if you have not done anything wrong, there is no need to apologise..and I always believed that if someone starts throwing things all over the place and/or at you, you don’t thank them. Apparently not.. In such situations, madams et monsieurs, you lift your sorry bum off the chair, apologise to Boss anyway (for being alive, I guess) and thank him..for his five star throwing-stuff-act, before you exit. You see, it is only right…and that’s exactly what some of the rest did! Mindblowing!

Granted, not all Bosses are like this, and my Bosses (god bless them) are normally intelligent, sane, kind and gentle men. Unfortunately, these are difficult times and maybe under extreme stress, the brain shuts down and “yes boss” is the easy way out. As for throwing things, it is therapeutical, no? I for one, think it’ll be a long long time before I acquire this skill and to truly believe in the “Boss is Always Right” concept. I have learnt to smile and say “yes sir!” though, occasionally and when it’s really bad, I just smile and say nothing. But I’m not ready to go jumping off cliffs, nor am I ready to do a Nike and “Just Do It”. As for the art of “Fanning” and “Kissing *ss”, let’s not even go there. I'm not cut out for it, not even with my award winning actress skills!

I’ll just settle for my coolie-kang role instead. For now.

ps. by the time I finished writing, re-writing and editing this post, news came out that the government had already declared darurat / a state of emergency for Port Kelang, Kuala Selangor dan kawasan-kawasan yang se-haze dengannya. Thank you Pak Lah. Finally.

*Now go kick some *ss and clean up our air please? pronto! pronto!*


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can never stand bosses who love to throw things when they are stressful.No respect for them!

Well, have to admit that “The Art of Fanning” and the art of “Kissing *ss” are useful and proven successful in Malaysia.Just look around.

Anyway, I always believe in producing quality work, less talk and observe more. I only hang around with the bosses when it is necessary. I might look "cold and tough" to others but at least they know I'm not playing around with my work.

Lambat lah sikit naik dari those yang suka bodek, tapi kalau dah naik and jatuh, tak der lah tergolek.....working in a financial institution, a small mistake may cause a big trouble.


4:00 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

aske': to be fair on the boss, it's the first time in 8 yrs that I've seen a boss throw anything. it's not a norm where I work. they are actually quite decent. stress lah kot. But yes, it's no excuse!

4:15 AM  
Blogger MassyLassy said...

When I start working in this new company, I'm always, yes boss no boss 3 bags full boss... don't dare to say out loud or just agree to whatever they say coz, well like you say boss is always right, right? So, after a year and half and unable to tolerate their nonsense, I decided to stand up for myself and not get bullied! Yes you might be the boss but you are not always right!!! We are humans, and yes we are not perfect and we DO make mistakes... Coz my bosses right, they think that they are always right and know better... Still, there will be certain time that I just don't bother and stay silent and say... yah, whatever!!! If it makes you happy....

4:27 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

my relationship with my boss is different. i dont go by the 'yes boss' theory when we are in a meeting or when he dictates something. i give my honest opinion and say 'no boss' when i feel that it was not right. of course, must have a good intelligent basis on that right?

but i do say 'yes boss' when he needs something done. and i say 'yeah thank you boss', when he gives me a last minute deadline project to complete.

since i love my job, i dont need to kiss butts to make things go in my favor. i show them i know what i am doing and they better know that i am good hahaha.

proud pulak si Ely nih. not proud, just working with confidence.

i believe in the revolution of 'speaking out'. its ur job afterall kan?

well thats just my male direct boss that i was talking abt. now that he in on military duty til december, i have 2 assistant female managers who are 'beyond' my explanation. they want things their way. they dont care if u have other deadlines to fulfil before their and they want things their way.

i'd rather have 5 male bosses vs 1 female boss (now that i have 2!).

yes, after typing the last paragraph, i am really stressed at work now becos the female bosses are in the 'panic mode' over small teeny weeny projects. hummphh!!!

kan ely dah ckp panjang lebar.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've experienced working in US before and I find the "working culture" suits me better especially when you are able to voice out your opinion and no heart feeling on the other party.

Sedih jugak tengok orang melayu kita still tak membangun and still argue on small matters and sifat PHD. oklah...dah melalut sangat ni...


6:25 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

i had a boss who would leave notes on tables of his employees with messages like 'you make my life miserable' or 'why dont you just leave?'. He did not have the guts to fire his staff so he left messages like that. Immature you say? well, his company is one who provides training on management with titles like, 'How to be world-class managers'. haha.. I received the message on my table suggesting that i leave because i had too many pimples on my face, bad for the company's image. DOUBLE haha.. Oh he threw things too, strikes all the time!

Never mind, i was there as a temp anyway, data entry clerk.

Boss always right? Well kiss my pretty **s!

pst... oh, Pak Lah announced emergency after reading your spot yes? can you introduce us?

9:38 PM  
Blogger OOD said...

i read in the Star a few days ago that the rate of employees getting fired because of what they wrote in their blog is ever increasing. Jolie_in_New_York is one example. I am not kidding.

Careful, Anedra. You dont know who i am.

Your Not Very Immediate Boss,

9:41 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

ely: I agree, I have 4 male bosses..they're not all that bad, except for when they're stressed. Imagine if I had a female one...I wouldn't have survived for so long. Hmmmm..makes me think of what people think of me, being a kicik-mini-female-boss here! heheh!! They probably go "run! the b**ch is coming!" hehe!

aske': i don't have esperience working overseas, but we have more than enough foreigners in our organisation. The politic-ing is still there, but it is different. They are more open about it, so much so, you don't realise they're *ss-kissing and stuff.

ood: aaaah, and so that's why now you're working all alone, occupying one whole floor to yrself..the pimples huh?? try tea tree oil! (JANGAN MARAH!!!!)

as for pak lah, isn;t it obvious he reads my blog? who do u think is behind our policies? You know what they say "behind every man, there is a woman" and therefore, behind Pak Lah, there is Anedra, lah!

nanti saya sms dis to arrange meeting, k??

11:19 PM  
Anonymous atn said...

i like the bit abt Pak Lah reading yr blog. I've always wondered who ever read my blog

8:36 AM  
Anonymous atieza said...

pak lah (if you truly read this)..can you give me some contract ah? small one oso cannn

8:17 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

atn: hehehe..u mean it wasn't obcious he reads Anedra?? Actually, who knows who's been coming round to read our blogs ya?? We're not a threat to national security, so nothing to worry about lah kot!

atieza: dia sibuk fighting haze sekarang. tunggu sat ya?

7:03 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

massy: yes girl! stand up for what u believe! that's the way to go. and i totally understand u, when u say that there are days when u just tak kuasa to say anything at all! what to do..must work right?

7:15 AM  
Blogger Uja said...

oh dear anedra, I can totally relate to the Art of Fanning. Kat SG we have another act call 'Taichi' - where colleagues elak buat kerja bila boss suruh - betul betul macam those Taichi movements that apek and nyonya buat while exercising!

My best bosses were Male too. Cis bedebah!

12:34 AM  
Blogger shidah said...

kecik-kecik tak puas throw tantrum kot...

5:38 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

uja: yes, am so familiar with taichi, very subtle, almost elegant moves of avoiding work so much so people don't realise that they're victimised! heheh! Ni banyak lagi nak belajar nih!!

shidah: rasanya that cd probably be the case! ;p

9:03 PM  
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Blogger Jade said...

oooh..... another agenda to add into the next meeting.

* throw things all over the meeting room.

my experience so far, has been colourful. yg gelabah, yg kelam kabut, yg arrogant, yg chilidish, etc. u name it. u would've thought intelligent people are matured... hehe..

12:47 AM  
Blogger Ms.B said...

That was one of the reasons I left my old job. No, my many, many bosses didn't throw stuff, but I had to perfect the Art of Fanning and to a certain extent, Kissing *ss. Sheesh. After awhile, you get SO ill from the whole thing because you KNOW it's not you, and what good is success if people promote you based on what THEY want rather than what you CAN do, kan?

And so Ms. Blabs called it a day, and now, no longer needs to call anyone "Boss" but herself!! Hehehe. But tu pun kena see how .. giving myself till year's end and 1st profit-sharing count to see if I may have to *gulps* play the bad, bad game again. :p

You hang in there. Like you said, it isn't the norm for your bosses to behave that way, and isn't that comforting? Just goes to show that they're humans, just like us ... even though they may not think that!! :)

How you been? Sorry lama tak visit!

6:01 AM  
Blogger CikNi said...

boss always right! long live my boss!! May u get promoted a.s.a.p. so that i can get a new boss :)

6:40 AM  
Anonymous apples4me said...

Just signed up my kid for anger management course...maybe your boss need that?! heheh

Can't stand people who carry *****.....

8:58 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

my email....

2:37 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

ladyjade: entahlah..i would like to throw stuff someday and see how it feels. it looks like fun!! ;p by the way..thanks for yr email add. will email u soon!

blabs: I always wonder when the day will come when i can call myself BOSS. Best! But lambat lagi lah nampaknya! I am ok..getting fatter. YOU HAVE FUN ON YR HOLIDAY!! I believe I will be getting reports..if not frm u, from u know who lah! hehe! ;p Take care! Nak chocolate!!

cikni: Amin?

apples: At the rate things are going, soon enough, I'll need to enroll myself for anger management too!

7:09 AM  
Blogger torts said...

when r u coming back?

10:03 PM  
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Blogger faux diamante said...

hahaha anedra,ada spammer jual obat kurus lah..muahahahaha

8:11 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

torts: u mean the office? never kot? heheh!

nazrah: sang spammer mana pulak ni!! eh xxxx-in-a-box tu apa macam?

11:46 PM  

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