Monday, June 19, 2006

Ever-Expanding Mommy

It’s that time of the year when suddenly things don’t fit and the time when once again when I am getting dressed for work, everything I wear “makes me look fat”. Well, that’s what I made myself to believe. Until one day I just stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself from top to toe and *shock-horror*, it hit me that it’s not that I look fat, I am very well FAT. Thunder thighs, ever-expanding derriere and an eternally 3-month pregnant tummy rolled up in every 5 foot 1 inch of me!

I should have taken the cues that my Nasar has been giving me off late ie. "Mommy, you are cantik but you b*nt*t is sooo big!”. Which I promptly replied with “Big is beautiful you know, you silly boy!”. Those playful pinches I get from N on my spares, I suddenly realized, weren’t playful lovey pinches, but perhaps subtle hints from him that I have prospered horizontally and that I very well can’t use the “there’s just more for you to love, my dear” line on him anymore. Too much of anything is almost always never good, kan? To top that off, I’d even join in my sons’ laughter of amusement as they watch my derriere merrily jiggling away as I walk past them. I’d even entertain them with a little jig dance as a bonus finale, which always makes them roll on the floor with laughter. Yeah, mommy is Bozo the Clown, part-time, ain’t she?

But this cannot persist. I can't be entertaining the boys with my bum-jig for long can I? It’s not that I want to be rake thin or have a supermodel body to strut around KL with. But I hate to feel lethargic and unenergetic especially when I have two robust active boys to run around the house with; plus I do hope to live long. So it’s time to live healthily. It’s the time of year when I say to myself (again) that I should have listened to Ely; that it just takes some discipline and perseverance to be able to live through a diet and looking at how that radiant mommy is doing, even in her pregnant state, she is looking absolutely every inch a bomb!

So, I have decided to get myself into an exercise regime, if you could call it that and have been forcing my muscles to work after subuh every day instead of dashing back into the warmth of the comforter like I normally do. As far as food goes, I have put myself on a diet of some kind; which includes lots of steamed or grilled fish and truckloads of vegetables. And I mean truckloads, fit for a herd of cows!

Being the Melayu that I am, going without my rice, asam pedas, and masak lomak is absolutely torturous but what has to be done, has to be done. Needless to say, I am Ms Grumpy and Hungry these days. I can tolerate the exercise but I do miss my food! Nevertheless, I shall persevere and I shall munch those greens religiously until my sons say my b*nt*t is beautiful too!

So, here’s to Healthy Living Everyone!

*I wonder whether there are any G.I Janes left; or am I the only one left behind in this camp?


Blogger trueblue said...

Babe, go for it! I pun nak exercise but keep coming up with silly excuses..Urghhh...

I usually need to get overly jealous at some hot babe's body, baru I panick nak exercise..Would be better if its someone I dont like yang dah kurus..So lagi bersemangat I nak beat her..Hehe.

Wrong reason kan? Oh well, if it works...Hihi

12:41 AM  
Blogger 1na said...

nak join the club leh?

2:09 AM  
Blogger *concreterose* said...

number one.. you are NOT FAT..
number two.. everyone luvs u for YOU..
but regardless.. i support u anyhow.. this weekend's date, if got clearance from N, i teman u eat salad ok ;)

2:19 AM  
Blogger OOD said...

i say the man,
just when i thought of proposing to you that i buy your exercise machines so they collect dust at MY house instead of YOUR house then you are telling us that the machines are collecting dust no more!! Aiyah..

Yamtuan the other day, out of the blue, just blurted out how fascinating my panties are, they are so small yet can accomodate something as big as my *ss! Totally potong stim, you!

And also now on weekends, he dragged me to the playground and asked me to jog jog a bit.

Am i just imagining things if i think he's trying to tell me something?

3:07 AM  
Blogger Nazrah said...

ahh, dena and ood, i think our husbands belong to the same camp. i am getting exercise ideas like rollerblading and biking...if only i can get my tummy off this perpetual meniarap posture as i bloghop.hehhe

the GI Janes dah defunct. However, I have a diet buddy now.

3:15 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

trueblue: yes lah..whatever that works right? way to go!! and good luck to you, although, the last time I spotted u in KL, you didnt look like u need the exercise at all!!

1na: JOM!!! the more the merrier!

concreterose: alaaah..for this weekend, i'm sure i'm allowed a little more than salad kan? for old time's sake? ehehe!!

ood: you say the man! yr Yamtuan is like my Nasar lah. must chilli the mouth a bit! Elehh..potong stim pun masih "active" yes?? wooohooo.. but, THAT is exercise too my dear, right?

nazrah: Hi-5 there diet buddy!! Yes, sounds like our hubbies are alike *WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD???* You know what, let's move to India! judging from the women in the tamil series, they love all the extra spares!! Yes?? No?

4:44 AM  
Blogger Ely said...

*Ely looking left and right*

what dena? GI Janes? i thot u forgot that i was the only one left exercising and dieting until i got pregnant. so now i guess u're back to the camp eh?

as u know, u are NOT fat. so dont be hard on urself. but if u do feel that way, then move those clothes from that treadmill and start moving!

6:37 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

i wanted to mention that when we last met - but i thought u look good with some isi! I noticed that at that mee bandung do - but had i mentioned it u wouldnt have eaten any. But u look good - BUt dont pile it on any more!

9:43 AM  
Anonymous maz@dfw said...

check out oprah's website. she's got this boot camp program going on. as for the assam pedas, letak the kuah and ikan on your salad. it's just as yummy !!!

10:24 AM  
Blogger trueblue said...

When was that? 5 years ago?? I dah gemuklah!! :)

5:53 PM  
Blogger *concreterose* said...


yes.. anything for ol' times sake.. u decide ;) *mecantwait*


you as well are NOT FAT!!!

6:36 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

ely: yup, that treadmill is up and running alright!! if this fails, then...errr.. I'll just get pregnant lah! hehehe!

kakteh: u tak perasan ke that the venue was quite dark that day?? that's why lah! but, thanks anyway!

maz: yes ahh? I'm on my way!

trueblue: nope, not too long ago lah. and u still look good to me! :)

concrete: yes, we shall see!! I can't confirm that the moment. anyhows, we'll def have a steak some time soon yes?

8:18 PM  
Blogger Noni said...

no wayyyyy.... u can't be 5.1... eh budak junior yang kuat nangis are not supposed to grow any taller than her senior who was faster than a speeding bullet;
more powerful than a locomotive;
and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

geez life's not fair....!

11:41 PM  
Blogger aalborg said...

my sis finally realised something's majorly wrong when she hit 91 on the weighing scale.

She went on a liquid diet last year, and lost 15 kg. tabik oooo

12:19 AM  
Blogger meandbaby said...

anedra...your last entry about how we 2 people live in the same house have the same kids..but have different values of so much the same case as me here...senasib la kita...

12:22 AM  
Blogger LifeBloom said...

Great post. For a while there - i was reminded of Bridget Jones.

Just get in an exercise routine about 3 times a week and your glutes will be shrinking in no time honey!

2:44 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

noni: you see when that junior stopped crying, she grew a few inches taller and was soon a senior too like you, "faster than a speeding bullet;
more powerful than a locomotive;
and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound". Hehehe..tapi la ni, panjat treadmill pun semput!

ailin: 15kgs?? tabik! tabik! but liquid diet sounds too morbid for me to survive through!

meandbaby: oh yes? well, like I said, we've gotta find a balance in both the good stuff He is practising with what we are. Insyallah ok! remember that he donated the sperm, so he has a right too! haha! :)

lifebloom: I sure hope so! or else, I'd need a major wardrobe change soon!

6:30 PM  
Blogger bisutulibuta said...

HAhahaha...Kakteh punya comment best..."look good but dont pile it anymore" ahakkks..sama cam "Hmm U look ook tapi gemuk sikit" ahaskkk..adei mampus aku kena belasah nanti nih..hehehe..

Hmmm..nak balik awal lah hari nih..all this bontot and isi talks makes this ole geezer a lil bit horny..babai.

12:31 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

BTB aka His Royal Horniness: HEPPP!!!Tahu pun mesti kena belasah!'s EXACTLY what she means kan? Anyhows..i'll concentrate on her "you look good" bit! hehehe!

9:19 PM  
Blogger Idham said...

what matters...or shall i say what matter more, is general look good, feel good and to get more out of life.
if u can achieve those with an extra kilo or two....okey what *wink*.
Pandai je i cakap ..but..Aaahh....i have taken a bet with my boss that I will lose 10kg by end of august. Right now I am not doing so well.....HELPPPPPPP too!!


11:25 PM  
Blogger anedra said...

Idham: If only it were just A kilo or TWO!!! I have more than that to lose lahh. And eversince I visited BTB's blog today,I've become so fixated with Jessica Alba's (Albar hehe) bum!! Now THAT's what a bum shd look like eh?? Sighhh..

*Hope u win yr bet!*

12:27 AM  
Blogger Blabs said...

You go girl!! In a few short months, you'll be using hot pants with fitting tops and making N's head SWIRL on its axis whenever he sees you! And of course, both Junior Ns will think their mommy is even more beautiful than ever!!

3:03 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

kak dena, asam pedas is my all time favourite. i think we should learn to eat lauk only without nasi. u make a pekat asam pedas, less oil, and eat the ikan sekeping. plus some of 'em salad or kerabu as side dish. shedappp!!!

btw, when can we meet up? hehe..

5:54 PM  
Anonymous atn said...

GI Jane? 2B continued tahun depan la kut

8:53 PM  
Anonymous atiza said...

huh..i just thought of cooking asam podeh for dinner..

buh belacan skit..daun kesum..
ikan pari...okra..

pergghhh..boleh meleleh ayaq liurk you!

1:40 AM  
Blogger Arena said...

sharing the same issues. When i told my Ed, that I'm playing volleyball for my company, and have to stay back for practice, dia berie-ie sangat bagi galakan. Terlbih-lebih pulak. Hmmm his way of saying, alhamdulillah, finally wifey is getting some exercise..

12:10 AM  
Blogger bisutulibuta said...


4:20 AM  

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