Monday, July 17, 2006

Tak Puas!


It would only be stating the obvious when I say that I have got to be the most lembab blogger in Blogland. Sebulan tak update pun tak sedar-sedar lagi!


I’d love to tell you about my whirlwind meet with Nazrah and Ely in Singapore last Saturday, but it’s already up in their blogs with pictures at Makcik Hope’ you might as well trot over to theirs and read all about it as anything I say here will just sound like cerita basi! But, lemme just squeeze in a little teeny weeny bit from my side. MEMANG TAK PUAS JUMPA. 15 minutes. What do you expect?

How it happened? I actually had to trick N to cross borders over to Singapore that morning. We were in JB on family matters and were trying to decide whether to head home or ... go to Singapore. It wasn’t the Great Singapore Sale this time that lured me over but the fact that Ely was there and if I could see Nazrah as well, it would be bliss.

But how to do it? Of course, my ammo were the boys. I had Nasar go over to his Dad with a sad story of how he’s never been to the Singapore Zoo and that he’s never seen white tigers and that they actually had white tigers at the Singapore Zoo etc..etc..Practiced the script with him and upah a toy as well and off he went. Maka cayaq lah hati bapanya dan sempatlah omaknya menyelit nak pergi minum kopi sama kawan-kawannya topped up with a pretty please and a series of batting of eyelashes. Woohoooo! It worked! My son did me proud and I must’ve been a good wifey *winks* to deserve this “victory”!.

Off we went. Of course to the Singapore Zoo first (plan mesti jaga) and omigosh!! I so can’t compare it with our Zoo Negara and felt so sad for the animals that live just next door to me. They definitely are an underfed lot and surely the WWF or the government have got to do something about it!! Singapore Zoo is not just a display of animals, it is an experience in itself..Something that, you just have to go see for yourself to know what I am talking about.

After a few smses from the causeway at about noon that went un-replied, I almost gave up hope of meeting the twins, when suddenly somewhere near the elephants just before the white tiger, Nazrah returned my call and we instantly confirmed our coffee date. Fate had it that Ely was with her at that very moment and so the plan was ON. Tapi, problem. They had plans, so I only had till 6pm too see them and it was already 4.15pm and we still hadn’t seen the white tigers!! Rush..rush..rush, passed by the white tigers for a few ooohs and aaaahs and moments later I was in Takashimaya, Orchard Road after having convinced N that he was better off at some Sim Lim Plaza checking out gadgets and whatnots. After all, time was of essence and I really did not want him there while I caught up with the girls!

We agreed with Coffee Bean but trust Makcik Hope with directions!! Hehe.. Nemind Aunty, nasib baik ada salesgirl yang baik hati and gave me instant no brainer directions. There we were, me with my entourage of kids and bibiks in a very crowded Coffee Bean scanning the crowd for two gals whom I knew I’d recognize without any problem. I found Ely, looking more gorgeous than I knew a pregnant mommy could be. Memang sah, she is having a girl! I whooped and rushed her way to be hugged in a way that instantly confirmed that she’s the lifelong buddy I've never met and then came Nazrah with two mugs of coffee in a tray and I gave her the hug that I wanted to give her during our midnight chats while we whined and sometimes cried over everything under the sky..

They looked absolutely radiant, fresh and beautiful after their day-long session at a saloon. I felt so overly conscious of how I smelt after my little zoo excursion. Sweaty sticky skin, oily hair, no make-up on. But nevertheless..that’s the real *horrors* me. So, lantaklah. I felt sorry too for dragging them all the way, especially with Ely being pregnant and all. But, Takashimaya was the only place I knew in Singapore and so terpaksa lah.

We had 15 minutes. Too short to chat on anything significant and only enough to ogle over how pretty they both looked and how I could not believe that I was finally meeting Ely the South Beach Queen for the very first time and how Nazrah looked so slim and delicious! No wonder Che Abang drove all the way to BSP eh? And, I have to affirm for the sake of readers who know them, that, they definitely are kindred spirits or rather, the “non-biological twins” that they claim to be. How weird is that, for two gals whom have never met and yet be so strongly bonded by err..something I can’t explain?

To sum it all? Memang tak puas. If I could, I would have jumped on the MRT to send them to wherever they had to go, just to have more time. But with the boys and all, it would have been suicidal and we would never find our way back. It was well worth the chaotic 15 minutes though and the scheming and planning to get N to agree to this short Singapore thing. Thanks gals for making it happen! Muaaaahhhhs!

So much for not blogging about this aye?


Blogger born-again drama queen said...

hahahaha!!!the first to comment..
oi, tak kerja ke? blogging masa kerja...and me curi tulang baca blog masa kerja..we're both hampehh, eh?

12:21 AM  
Blogger Nazrah said...

ha!! tu lagi sorang blogger i would so love to meet again! my angel nefertiti!

and dena, i had no idea what you had to go through to make that 15 minutes. i really appreciate it.

6:27 PM  
Blogger trueblue said...

I went to the Singapore Zoo masa malam and naik that train or tram or whatever it was keliling the zoo. It was fun but takut je kena terkam dengan rimau... :)

12:47 AM  
Blogger Kak Teh said...

dena...aiyo, what a scheme! what a conspiracy! But it was well worth it, right?

1:39 AM  
Blogger sweethuneyz said...

hehehe... cam cute lak baca your story, all because nak jumpa the twins. so, next time kena plan awal2 sikit, so can have more time. even i manage to spend a lil longer time with them that day, itu pon cam tak puas. too bad, i had to go off earlier, if not, we wld have met again that sat. *smiles*

2:47 AM  
Blogger anedra said...

nefertiti: me??? curi tulang?? never! hehehe!

nazrah: yup, i have yet to meet nef too. but she owes me a story on some other meet she's supposed to have in order for me to agree meeting her! hehe!

it was fun lah nazrah. Thank YOU!

trueblue: I seriously want to go again actually. I've been tothe night safari too. that was great. try going during the's lurrvely!

kakteh: hehehe..kerja-kerja macam ni memang pandai ek? just like how you and my other uncles and aunts scheme on things! haha!

sweethuneyz: ya lah. i'm such a last minute person. if we could plan properly, we cd've had a proper meet and boleh jumpa you sekali! haiya..i still cant get over the fact that I didnt know who u were when u were right in front of my face for a good few hours at that kenduri! sigghhhhss..

3:40 AM  
Blogger bisutulibuta said...

how come nobody excited to see me ah ? sob sob..

Tapi otak kau ni geliga betul ler Dena..pandai pandai..and N never suspected anything ? wow..

6:43 AM  
Blogger born-again drama queen said...

oit!jgn la announce kat sini weh..biar pecah di pusat, jangan pecah di anak tekak.

5:01 PM  
Blogger bergen said...

Bergen has left the building

9:17 PM  
Anonymous nohachomel said...

oowhhh...seronoknya...eerr...i mean sronok pi zoo s'pore and asso jumpa bloggers!!

setengah hari kat zoo pun tak cukup nak tgk semua binatang, kena bermlm kot, baru puas.

nasib baik tak lupa diri bila jumpa kengkawan ek...;)

9:29 PM  
Blogger Blabs said...

I know i just chatted with you, but this comments has been prepared since yesterday, so I'm posting it up anyway! :)

What a whirlwind for 15 minutes of joy with the twins. Bet you girls had a pretty exhilarating 15-minuter! And face looking oily and no makeup? Didn't look that way on Nazrah's blog. :)

9:42 AM  

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